Apr 17, 2020  

AWS Cloud for Public Sector: Our thoughts on the GDS Guide

AWS Cloud for Public Sector: Our thoughts on the GDS Guide

The UK Government Digital Service (GDS) recently published a Cloud Guide for the public sector and it’s a great read.

Given the continued rise of large scale AWS cloud platforms within the public sector, this guidance is vital in helping Government organisations create a balanced, cost effective cloud strategy. We’re used by some of the UK’s biggest public sector AWS users.

How can migrating to the cloud help the public sector?

Cloud platforms are an essential component for any Digital Strategy. In addition to building new solutions on the cloud, organisations can save millions in annual run costs by using an AWS Migration Service and there several strategies which any organisation can use to identify how to treat each of their systems. A cloud migration strategy for any organisation which a significant number of ageing key systems is essential.

The public sector spans government, education, healthcare, and a wide variety of charties and not-for-profit organisations. Public sector cloud computing often looks to AWS, using its flexibility, security, and scalability to deliver important, community-affecting goals with little resource.

From managing charity memberships to making healthcare breakthroughs, AWS offers stability and organisation for the public sector.

What’s in GDS’s ‘Cloud Guide for Public Sector’?

The Cloud Guide for Public Sector has taken feedback from cloud experts across the UK Government to produce independent advice which is invaluable for every Technology and DDAT leader. Although there is no ‘right answer’, the guidance contained within this document, in addition to the already published Cloud First strategy, will provide valuable cloud insights for public sector organisations using AWS.

The Cloud Guide also references the incredible work we carried out for the Home Office, saving them in excess of 40% of their annual AWS spend. Find out how you can achieve this with our AWS Budgeting Services, through auditing, planning and regular reporting on spend.

The GDS Cloud Guide gives useful advice on the following topics:

  • Choosing a cloud hosting strategy
  • Avoiding cloud vendor lock-in
  • Managing cloud costs
  • Offshoring and data residency
  • Security
  • People and skills

Digital Dimensions’ experience in public sector AWS

“We’ve helped central government departments rapidly mobilise and transition to AWS and Azure cloud platforms in a controlled and secure way, providing a central cloud capability which enables rapid, agile delivery while driving down infrastructure costs and ensuring that cloud costs are visible and managed.” – Neil Butler, Digital Dimensions Director

We are experts in public sector cloud computing, having worked with some of the sector’s biggest users of Amazon Web Services. If you have a complex IT estate and would like help moving to cloud or running a cost effective cloud platform, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Neil Butler


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