Feb 17, 2020   Culture, Teams

There is nothing you can teach me about agile

There is nothing you can teach me about agile

What a stupid thing to say. It’s the complete opposite of continuous improvement and everything agile stands for.

While running a training course this month with a small team that were dipping their toe into using agile and interested how to take it to the next stage, the team lead turned to me and said “I could leave this course right now and I’d be fine because I already know agile, it’s the rest of the team that need training”. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he then proceeded to openly preach to the team on a few topics which clearly demonstrated he actually knew very little about agile.

So what can we learn from this?

  • To lead an agile team effectively you need humility. No one wants to work for a person who thinks they know everything.
  • You can’t improve if you are unable to see those aspects of the team or process which could be better.
  • There are ALWAYS things you can improve. ALWAYS. Things about yourself, things about the team, things about the process.

Arrogance is dangerous, not only that but it limits your potential to be a high performing agile team.

And don’t forget scrum masters can be sacked by the team… it’s just another part of continuous improvement.

Neil Butler


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