AWS Platform Engineer

As a Platform Engineer you will be responsible for building, testing, packaging, deploying and operating platform tooling services within the cloud. You will use your development skills to automate the build of infrastructure resources within AWS, along with the packaging of services into AMIs, Docker containers or Serverless deployments.

You will require the following essential skills:

  • Hands on experience of working with key AWS services
  • Building AWS resources using infrastructure as code using Terraform (or CloudFormation) and Packer
  • Building, deploying and operating Docker containers
  • A deep understanding and experience of building, testing, packaging, releasing and deploying code and services within a team based environment
  • Linux system administration
  • Great communication skills, with a willingness to be collaborative and pragmatic in nature
  • Technically inquisitive, with a genuine passion for keeping your skills and knowledge up to date with emerging industry trends, via conferences, meet-ups and self motivated research

The following skills are desired:

  • AWS associate, professional or speciality certification, or desire to obtain one within a short space of time
  • Delivering within an agile environment
  • Building, deploying and operating Serverless workloads
  • Implementing and working with continuous integration / continuous delivery pipelines
  • Development background, with experience in common programming languages e.g. Python
  • Kubernetes administration
  • Windows system administration