Business Design Lead

Role Overview

We’re seeking experienced, high calibre industry leaders with a proven track record of successful delivery. We need a Business Design Lead to coordinate business design activities, to set standards and to establish consistent business design processes.

Duties for the Business Design Lead will include:

  • To establish a Business Design community that brings Business Analysts and interested parties together, setting standards and implementing common design processes and artefacts
  • To actively participate in and manage all Business Design activities, ensuring the quality of design is high and resolving open design questions/issues
  • To ensure each project has completed a Discovery phase before delivery begins with all key deliverables stored in Confluence
  • To lead with the definition and approval of new initiatives, taking them through the Business Design Authority
  • To chair the Business Design Authority
  • Create and manage a Business Design plan for all activities within the portfolio
  • Track, report and manage business design risks and issues
  • Help define and measure success metrics and design progress, reporting on a fortnightly basis at the Delivery Board

Desired outcomes

A high performing candidate would deliver the following outcomes:

  • The design process and associated artefacts would be established and understood by those involved in the design.
  • The design would be clearly and concisely documented both at a high level and more detailed level.
  • Design questions and decisions would be documented and resolved rapidly through the Business Design Authority.
  • The Business Design Authority is well organised, all papers would clearly articulate the decision needed and the relevant options with associated costs and implications etc.
  • Designers, business analysts and architects across the programme will feel part of a community or guild who meet regularly to improve their craft.
  • The quality of staff and deliverables would be outstanding, the programme would be considered the ‘go to’ opportunity for ambitious, driven design individuals throughout the organisation
  • An ethos of continuous improvement will be established with the whole design team focused on becoming faster and constantly improving quality.

Skills and Requirements

The ideal candidate will possess strong analytical skills, exceptional problem-solving skills, be highly organised and thorough, and have excellent leadership skills.

  • A minimum of 5 years experience leading Business Design activities having led the same team for more than 12 months within that period.
  • Previous experience on a large scale transformation programme
  • Business process analysis and design knowledge and expertise
  • Strong communication skills and a natural ability to lead. Personable, approachable, highly self-motivated and driven. Ability to solve problems quickly and completely.
  • Experience and knowledge of Business Design principles, methodologies and tools.
  • Proactive and highly organised, with strong time management and planning skills. Able to meet tight deadlines and remain calm and focused under pressure.
  • Ability to lead and successfully engage stakeholders at all levels
  • Resilient, ability to multi-task and stay organised in a dynamic work environment.
  • Financial understanding and appreciation (budgeting, reporting, interpretation)
  • Ability to manage complexity, ambiguity and conflicting priorities
  • Recognises limitations and requests support to resolve issues that go beyond current capability