Head of Delivery

Role Overview

We are seeking an experienced Head of Delivery who understands how to structure large scale agile delivery teams and effectively implement modern delivery practices to create lean and efficient, continuously improving delivery teams.

Suited to high calibre industry leaders with a proven track record of growing high performing teams and successful delivery at scale.

Candidates must have a breadth of delivery experience across business, technology and operational disciplines with a deep understanding of the latest technology delivery techniques. The successful candidate will have real world experience and the natural ability to lead large teams at pace and within a complex, pressurised environment.

Duties for the Head of Delivery include:

  • Define the delivery strategy for a large, complex programme then implement it including recruiting and managing a high calibre leadership team
  • Ultimately accountable for the successful delivery and ongoing continuous improvement of high quality projects, products and services
  • Hands on day to day leadership with the natural ability to balance high level strategic decision making with detailed exploration of priority focus areas
  • Establish appropriate governance to ensure the right amount of rigour and control within a fast paced transformation programme
  • Ensure delivery teams have the tools and processes to enable rapid, consistent delivery and that all teams are delivering to the right level of quality
  • Create a single delivery roadmap and status report by collating relevant artefacts from the project managers and delivery teams, ensure all stakeholders are well informed and understand any blocking issues or risks to timely delivery
  • Day to day management of a multidisciplinary team which consists of client staff, contractors, suppliers and Digital Dimensions staff, including performance management where necessary
  • Definition of and adherence to the delivery team budget
  • Ongoing identification and implementation of efficiencies needed to improve quality and pace while reducing running costs
  • Ensure all solutions and operations adhere to legal guidelines and internal policies
  • Ongoing Digital Dimensions account management and growth against agreed targets.

Desired outcomes

A high performing candidate would deliver the following outcomes:

  • The delivery team would be well structured, organised and managed. It is perceived by your peers as an example of modern, best practice delivery.
  • The quality of staff and deliverables would be outstanding, the delivery team would be considered the ‘go to’ opportunity for ambitious, driven individuals throughout the organisation
  • An ethos of continuous improvement will be established with the whole team focused on becoming faster and constantly improving quality
  • Delivery costs would be known and well managed with future spend accurately forecast
  • Delivery risk would be managed effectively with all key decisions taken through formal governance and approved by the appropriate decision making body
  • Key stakeholders feel fully informed of both progress and potential risks/issues. They would fully trust and rely on the Head of Delivery.
  • Digital Dimensions will be highly valued and respected by the client who will treat you as an essential part of their leadership team and be happy to provide marketing materials such as a quote and a case study.

Skills and Requirements

The ideal candidate will possess strong analytical skills, exceptional problem-solving skills, be highly organised and have excellent leadership skills.

  • Proven experience as a Delivery Lead who has already successfully delivered multidisciplinary projects with a combined annual budget in excess of £10m and over 50 team members
  • Thorough understanding of project management techniques and methods, in-depth experience managing a large-scale agile delivery is a distinct advantage
  • An understanding of modern delivery practices and solutions such as DevOps and Cloud, experience using AWS is advantageous
  • Ability to make rapid, informed considered decisions
  • An analytical mindset with great problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent organisational skills, good time management and the ability to prioritise
  • Strong communication skills, the ability to lead, network effectively, negotiate and influence people
  • Excellent Knowledge of performance evaluation techniques and key metrics
  • Familiarity with modern programme management and DevOps tools including project collaboration, software development, automation testing, release management and support tools
  • A technology related degree is in advantage but not essential, hands on experience will be valued more highly
  • Strong values – Openness; honesty; integrity; reliability
  • A drive to win and build ‘best in class’ teams and solutions