Our Story

Digital Dimensions was founded in 2018 following several engagements with established private and public sector organisations who wanted to be more responsive to customer needs, faster to market with engaging products and who wanted to innovate, motivate and deliver like a startup.

The founders of Digital Dimensions have successfully established, led and delivered major digital transformation programmes.  We love what we do and are proud of our ability to build a strong delivery culture and unlock the potential of true digital transformation:

highly motivated teams working at astounding pace, using lean delivery processes that become faster, cheaper, and safer to operate enabling frequent, low risk change, ultimately leading to significantly lower run costs and highly reliable solutions.

From a blank sheet of paper, we built a high profile, digital delivery organisation with budget responsibility of £100m per annum – one of the most complex, successful programmes in central government. We have also moved private sector organisations away from the monolithic, waterfall based delivery structures of the past to small highly skilled teams who work in a dynamic environment and take advantage of cloud-based technology, leveraging advanced methodologies, capabilities and tools to deliver incredible results.

We understand where and how to invest in order to drive higher performance, how to govern and make decisions in a complex environment, and how to merge the power of agile techniques with the rigour needed for large scale transformation.  We have deep experience in establishing highly automated continuous delivery and development processes, delivering incrementally across a fragmented environment, integrating with legacy systems where necessary.  We know what it is to work with uncertainty, constrained resources and to be under intense scrutiny and pressure.

We are real world operators with extensive hands-on experience of hard core delivery.  We have the scars from operating within a highly pressured organisation that appears regularly in the public eye within which we delivered multi award winning cloud solutions and agile delivery capabilities.

Digital Dimensions drive high impact change on business critical systems – we know the journey.  We have established a proven way to be agile and iterative in our delivery, with our customers interests at the heart of all that we do.

We are innovative in our thinking, continuous improvement is at the heart of our culture.


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