Azure / AWS Migration Services

Whether it’s migrating applications from internal hosting to AWS or Azure, or switching cloud vendors, the experienced team at Digital Dimensions can manage your transition with Azure / AWS migration services.

Every Azure or AWS migration starts with the creation of a Cloud Migration Strategy

Each application and environment will have its own unique challenges. Using your priorities and other factors such as the amount of data, cost of operation, license restrictions, operating hours and criticality of the system, Digital Dimensions will create an Azure or AWS cloud migration strategy including the likely timeline and costs.

Why migrate a server, website or database to AWS / Azure?

“A recent whitepaper by IDC, shows the customers that migrate to AWS can experience 51% reduced costs of operations, 62% increased IT staff productivity, and 94% reductions in downtime.” – Why Migrate to the Cloud, Amazon Web Services

Put simply, cloud computing is becoming the new normal for many businesses. It can help your company increase productivity, simplify drawn-out processes, and save money.

Why choose our Azure / AWS migration services?

Digital Dimensions are experts in their field, helping some of the UK’s biggest private and public sector AWS users. We:

– Craft an Azure or AWS cloud migration strategy tailored to your business needs

– Ensure you stick to an agreed timeline and budget for the Azure or AWS migration

– Provide reliable, up-to-date advice about lift and shift AWS or Azure best practices

We offer a three-stage approach to transformation: diagnosing the state of your current cloud, creating the best Azure or AWS migration strategy for you, then transitioning your business. We take the time to ensure that your Azure or AWS cloud migration goes smoothly and is in-line with company goals.

Our team are experienced in large-scale Azure and AWS migrations, being involved in projects migrating billions of data objects, millions of people records and thousands of staff accessing operational systems.

Typically every application will be classified under one of the following Azure / AWS migration services:

Lift and shift AWS / Azure

If an organisation does not want to rebuild their application to take advantage of cloud-native technologies, a simple rehosting can quickly achieve AWS or Azure benefits. Once an application is running in AWS after migration it’s then easier to make further changes to optimise and modernise.


Essentially an Azure or AWS “lift and shift” with some degree of optimisation to benefit from the advantages of migrating to AWS or Azure, such as switching to open source or cloud managed services. We also offer Azure / AWS Platform as a Service, helping you make the most of a migration to cloud.

New product

Rather than move the existing solution, the customer chooses to move to an entirely cloud based application and, in some cases, to migrate the existing data into the new solution.


Generally the decision to re-architect a solution is driven by a business case that demands new features which are not possible through extension of the existing application, or because the existing architecture is overly complex, doesn’t scale, is fragile etc.


A number of applications might already be unused or may not be needed in the future. In this case the applications can be switched off and discontinued, as part of our AWS cloud migration services.


Some applications may be needed but will have an upcoming retirement date and therefore cannot justify the cost of Azure or AWS migration. In such cases the application will continue to run on the existing infrastructure until it can be safely decommissioned.

Interested in Azure or AWS migration services for server or database? Contact us to learn how we can help your organisation move to AWS or Azure quickly and efficiently.