AWS Cost Optimisation Services & Budgeting

Through a variety of optimisation techniques, Digital Dimensions will significantly reduce your AWS costs

The organic, large scale adoption of AWS services leads to inefficiencies which can drive up costs and, if left unchecked, see your hosting budget quickly spiral out of control.

As organisations shift infrastructure to the cloud, they unlock the ability to dynamically create infrastructure resources. While this offers many advantages and will speed up the delivery pace of projects, it can also lead to spiralling AWS cloud costs which quickly get out of control if not managed effectively.

Our team have been showcased for their expertise and innovation in this area by numerous organisations including AWS and the UK’s Government Digital Service (GDS).

Using a variety of AWS cost optimisation techniques, Digital Dimensions will significantly reduce your AWS infrastructure costs.

Using the Digital Dimensions cost efficiency scale, we will highlight both your current level of efficiency along with the potential future savings

Cost Optimisation Assessment

Digital Dimensions will review your AWS Cloud Infrastructure against a set of cost optimisation techniques, producing a report which details prioritised recommendations (with associated cost savings) to reduce your monthly spend and help with AWS budgeting.

Digital Dimensions then work with you to implement those recommendations and also to put cost optimisation standards in place enabling your teams to consistently build and test for cost optimal AWS infrastructure.

Cost Optimisation Training

We often find project teams are driven by tough delivery deadlines, as a result they aren’t able to spend time optimising AWS infrastructure costs.

We can train your engineers in cost optimisation techniques and budgeting, implementing a clear decision process and standards to help them choose the most cost-effective combination to use each time a new service is built, helping optimise AWS costs without slowing down delivery.

Cost Optimisation Reporting

Digital Dimensions can add organisation specific meta data enabling AWS billing data to be broken down by teams and environments (or other categories that have meaning to your organisation).

The end result is regular reporting which allows you to drill into your monthly costs, quickly identifying both positive and negative trends in spend, comparing teams and allocating costs to different business units.

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