Azure / AWS Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The need for a cloud platform

Within any large organisation, the rapid adoption of cloud technologies by multiple departments and teams leads to inconsistent, inefficient practices that inevitably increase Azure / AWS costs and heighten Azure / AWS security risks unless addressed.

As an AWS partner we have delivered several enterprise scale platforms, including the award-winning Home Office EBSA platform – one of the biggest public sector cloud platforms in the world.

The Digital Dimensions integrated Azure / AWS Platform as Service could help transform your enterprise.

aws platform as a service

Siloed implementation of standards, processes
and ways of working

  • Unsynchronised Teams – Teams attempt to solve the same problems in parallel, without integration
  • Poor Performance – Inconsistent standards, processes, governance and tools lead to variable quality
  • Not Economical – The cost efficiencies achieved from running a single platform are never achieved
  • Highly Competitive Market – Teams compete for the same high demand resources in an already restricted market, leading to added stress
  • Costs Aren’t Fully Documented – True AWS / Azure cloud costs are never fully understood or exposed but are buried within separate departmental budgets

Focus on delivering value, not infrastructure with Azure / AWS PaaS

Siloed implementation of standards, processes and ways of working

Our Azure / AWS Platform as a Service offers a single enterprise solution

Using an enterprise Azure / AWS PaaS will…

Accelerate your delivery

– Teams can onboard quickly and become effective immediately
– Shared tooling built and upgraded centrally, not by each tenant


Reduce security risks

– Delivery teams are securely segregated from each other
– Key risks are mitigated by the platform, not each team


Allow you to focus on value

– Lower investment required on subsequent delivery teams
– Cloud expertise is built in one place, not in each tenant


Reduce operating costs

– Using a self-service Azure / AWS platform reduces run costs


Shared responsibility model

Delivery within the cloud is a shared responsibility between service delivery teams, the platform and AWS / Azure. Our Azure / AWS Platform as a Service offering is responsible for managing the cloud provider, setting standards and governance, Azure / AWS Security in the cloud, and controlling Azure / AWS Cost Optimisation.

In addition to a full list of recommendations, we will provide:

  • An enterprise, self-service platform hosted on AWS or Azure
  • A secure, scalable foundation for all applications
  • Developers focus on delivering business value, Digital Dimensions provide consistent, secure and cost optimal infrastructure
  • Centralised monitoring, infrastructure management and ongoing reduction of hosting, maintenance and run costs
  • Proven automation at scale, enables continuous delivery so that teams can more rapidly build and release features
  • Constantly evolving to support the latest cloud native technology, through a state-of-the-art AWS platform as a service

Here are the Key Features of our Azure / AWS Platforms

  • Compliance: Tenants don’t need to worry about cloud or platform security controls, auditing and governance. Tenants focus on securing their services in line with the platform service standards.
  • Self service: Tenants are empowered to build their own infrastructure and manage their own access within secure guard rails. Prevents development teams being blocked while waiting for cloud provision, and allows the platform to scale securely.
  • Cost optimisation reporting: Dashboards and reports show project team costs broken down by team and environment. Tenants can see the impact of their spend and how efficient they are compared to others.
  • Standards and governance: Tenants develop their services in adherence to best practice based service standards. Standards are used to educate and ultimately produce secure, cost optimal and cloud native services.
  • Common tooling services: Tools are provided for tenants to use with multiple options available for each function. Tools are supported, patched and evolved centrally.
  • CI/CD Pipelines: Tenants create their own pipelines, integrating to shared platform tooling services e.g. source code repository. The platform supports building and deploying AWS, Docker or Serverless application services.
  • Multi tenanted: Project teams are securely segregated within the same platform, reducing the cost of operating many platforms. Multiple organisations, departments within an organisation and teams with a department are supported.
  • Cloud expertise and innovation: We have significant experience of building and operating an enterprise scale platform on AWS or Azure. We have close working relationships with AWS and are involved in a number of cross industry working groups with other AWS customers learning and contributing to running Kubernetes and Serverless at scale.
  • Scalable: The platform and its services are designed to automatically scale in response to increased demand.
  • Highly available: Platform supports tenants deploying their services across multiple data centres, to ensure availability in the event a data centre became unavailable.
  • 24 x 7 production support: The platform provides 24 x 7 support for its services that underpin live operations for a subset of its tenants.
  • Efficiencies of scale: Joining a shared platform directly helps drive cost efficiencies.

Azure / AWS Platform as a Service (PaaS) features



– We built and operated the largest UK government multi-tenanted platform on AWS or Azure.

– We have solved the challenges of operating an enterprise Azure / AWS platform securely while enabling rapid delivery.

– Our multi-award-winning AWS platform supports over 1000 developers operating worldwide.

– We always evolve to take advantages of new services to speed up delivery, while reducing spend.

– As official, certified AWS partners we already have a close working relationship with AWS or Azure.


Contact us to learn how we can help you make the most of Azure / AWS Platform as a Service (PaaS).