AWS Platforms & Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The need for an AWS platform

Within any large organisation, the rapid adoption of cloud technologies by multiple departments and teams leads to inconsistent, inefficient practices that inevitably increase cost and heighten security risk unless addressed.

Siloed implementation of standards, processes
and ways of working

  • Unsynchronised Teams – Teams attempt to solve the same problems in parallel
  • Poor Performance – Inconsistent standards, processes, governance and tools lead to variable quality
  • Not Economical – The cost efficiencies achieved from running a single platform are never achieved
  • Highly Competitive Market – Teams complete for the same high demand resources in an already restricted market
  • Costs Aren’t Fully Documented – True cloud costs are never fully understood or exposed but are buried within departmental budgets

Focus on delivering value, not infrastructure

Siloed implementation of standards, processes and ways of working

A single enterprise solution

Shared responsibility model

Delivery within the cloud is a shared responsibility between service delivery teams, the platform and AWS

In addition to a full list of recommendations, we will provide:

  • An enterprise, self-service platform hosted on AWS
  • A secure, scalable foundation for all applications
  • Developers focus on delivering business value, Digital Dimensions provide consistent, secure and cost optimal infrastructure
  • Centralised monitoring, management and ongoing reduction of hosting, maintenance and run costs
  • Proven automation at scale, enables continuous delivery so that teams can more rapidly build and release features
  • Constantly evolving to support the latest cloud native technology

AWS Platform as a Service features

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