Azure / AWS Security Services & In-Cloud Compliance

Like you, we take Azure and AWS security and in-cloud compliance seriously. We have experience implementing enterprise-level compliance and security best practice within AWS or Azure, for large scale critical implementations in both central Government and private sector customers.

As well as providing experienced AWS / Azure DevSecOps engineers, we also offer the following Azure / AWS security services to help keep your systems safe on the cloud:

Azure / AWS Security Assessment

Are you following Azure and AWS security fundamentals? Through an Azure or AWS security assessment based on the latest industry standards, best practice and our previous experience, we will identify risks that are present in your existing cloud infrastructure. Working with you, we will prioritise and mitigate any risks that are found as well as implementing defensive strategies and processes to protect you in the future without impacting pace.

We will assess risks including data encryption, the technical stability of your cloud infrastructure, and many more aspects of cloud security. The importance of cloud security cannot be underestimated – a key takeaway from past experience is to assume that no one can be trusted.

Azure / AWS Security Baseline

Serious about Azure and AWS compliance? For those clients who require a more comprehensive approach to securing their AWS / Azure infrastructure, applications and the data within AWS / Azure, we will work with you to develop a set of tooling and AWS security services to implement guardrails that:

  • Prevent users from creating resources with Azure and AWS security risks;
  • Detect where resources have been created that present an Azure or AWS security risk, and
  • Remediate resources that have been created and present an Azure or AWS security risk

Coupled with a reporting capability, this service vastly decreases your exposure to security threats, if a security event does occur it will increase their visibility and your organisations opportunity to react to and mitigate them quickly. This can help to prevent problems and potentially reduce your AWS cost.

Azure / AWS Security Services

We have designed, built and operated experience scale, multi-tenanted cloud platforms, as a result our consultants have years of practical experience in Azure / AWS Security and Compliance services. We can leverage these skills to provide you with Azure / AWS cloud security expertise that will give your Azure / AWS platform a measured increase in defending against the risks associated with running workloads in the cloud.

Using our platform can help ensure delivery teams are segregated from each other, so that key Azure and AWS security risks are mitigated by the platform, not by each delivery team. With Digital Dimensions:

  • Tenants don’t need to worry about cloud or platform security controls, auditing and governance
  • Tenants focus on securing their services in line with the platform service security standards

Why is Azure and AWS compliance important?

Paying attention to Azure and AWS security fundamentals is essential for businesses using the cloud. By ignoring issues in your cloud infrastructure, you are increasing the risk of a breach or security threat. This could mean losing valuable data and work, or data even being stolen from your business.

“Most organisations don’t realise their valuable data, information and software assets are now stored within the cloud and accessible from the internet, without the appropriate security controls and protections they are opening the door to malicious cyber attacks.” – Neil Butler, Digital Dimensions

Our Azure and AWS security services can help you guard against this happening, at a professional level. We can provide a secure, scalable foundation that increases security while lowering your AWS spend.

Will implementing Azure or AWS security services slow my project down?

Digital Dimensions have many years experience in cloud compliance, so we can prioritise and tackle the main issues, while taking into account your project timescales. We will also offer clear guidelines on how implementing security measures will affect your infrastructure, and the costs involved.

If you would like to discuss how Azure or AWS security services would affect your current or future projects, please get in touch. Our experts can give you a better understanding of what’s involved.

Contact us to ensure your AWS accounts and workloads are secure and protected for the future.