Delivery Assurance

Digital Dimensions can assess the capability of any large scale or complex transformation programme

We specialise in helping organisations benefit form an agile delivery approach and cloud technologies

Using our proven capability model, Digital Dimensions carry out an independent audit of your transformation programme(s) and/or technology delivery capability.

By reviewing processes across all aspects of business and technical delivery while also interviewing key stakeholders, the Digital Dimensions team will highlight those aspects which have been implemented well alongside areas which are impacting successful delivery.

In addition to a full list of recommendations, we will provide:

  • Metrics highlighting your strengths, weaknesses and current position against the benchmark of other organisations
  • A series of recommendations, a suggested action plan and an implementation roadmap
  • A vision of where your organisation could be in 12 months
Trusted by the boards of private and public sector organisations to provide independent assessment, guidance and advice.

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